What is Us and Femme?

In a world obsessed with celebrities, it's time we took a step back and re-evaulated who it is we put on a metaphorical pedestal and why. Don't get me wrong, there are some great female celebrity role models out there - I happily count women such as Lena Dunham, Jennifer Lawrence and Amy Schumer as sources of great inspiration, personally - but we tend to forget about the everywoman. By that, I mean women who don't spend a life in front of a camera having their every move documented, being paid to look consistently beautiful. Normal, ordinary women - you know, the kind you brush shoulders with in your local Tesco.

We live in a time where if you have the right surname or enough Instagram followers then you're automatically deemed inspirational, aspirational and should be looked up to with awe and admiration. Suddenly we care about everything from what they're eating to how they apply their winged eyeliner - women who would otherwise be a complete stranger if it weren't for the media shoving their every move in our faces.

There will always be a place for reporting on what shoes Kim K just stepped out in (probably ones her husband designed) or the multi million pound beach house that some One Direction member just

bought his mum, but it's all too easy to get caught up in fantasising about the lives of the rich and famous and then being disheartened by your own mere existence in comparison. Us and Femme is going to challenge that perception.

Through this blog I want to open up an alternative branch of story-telling. The tales shared here will be of fascinating, strong women who don't do what they do in return for fame - some will make you laugh, some may make you shed a tear; some may shed some perspective; but all will be an inspiring story well worth a read.

So if you like to be uplifted, entertained and inspired then I hope you will stick with me as I grow Us and Femme into a story-telling destination for the everywoman. And once you're here, check out the other content I'll be uploading in the fashion, features and reviews sections as well. Enjoy!


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